The scariest animal that will never hurt you

This creepy insect wouldn’t hurt you unlike other intimidating insects that could kill you.

The Smaller Majority

Several species of tailless whipscorpions live in caves, like this Daemon variegatus from Mozambique. [Canon 7D, Canon 14mm, Canon MT-24EX twin light] Of all the animals that you may encounter in a tropical rainforest, none evoke a more visceral, negative reaction in even the most ardent nature lovers than the tailless whipscorpions. They are members of the order Amblypygi, and among all arachnids they are probably the most undeserving of fear or repulsion.

The first pair of legs of whipscorions resembles insect antennae in their length and function. Their surface is covered in bristles, trichobothria, and slit organs that detect the presence of and the distance from the prey. [Canon 1Ds MkII, Canon 16-35mm + extension ring, Canon MT-24EX twin light] To begin, they are completely harmless to us. Tailless whipscorpions do not produce venom or toxins, nor are they capable of biting, stinging, or injuring a person in any…

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